Placemats in Mosstitch

This pattern is written in US terms.



SIZE: ca 32 x 40 cm

YARN: Scheepjes Bloom 3 skeins of nr 421, 1 skein of nr 409

HOOK: 4,5 mm

YOU WILL NEED: Scissor and tapestry needle to weave yarn tails in


ch – chain

sc – single crochet


This patter is made in Moss stitch / Linen stitch, its one of the most easy pattern to learn and the reason to that is that it only contains 2 stitches, ch and sc. And the result gives you a elegant woven look.

And with some colour changes you can vary the pattern in a million ways

The moss/linen stitch is basically a repetition of *ch, sc*, working into the ch-1 space formed by the ch-1’s in the previous row.  You are effectively single crocheting between single crochets.

Stitches are worked into the ch-1 spaces, NOT the loops of the actual stitches.

Repeat *-* untill the end of the row


Start with the grey yarn (or the yarn that is your main colour)

Make 92 ch (allways an even number in moss/linen stitch

1. Sc in the fourth ch from the hook.   *Ch 1, skip the next ch, sc in the next ch * Ch 2 and turn.

2. Sc in the first ch-1 space.  *Ch, sc in the next ch-1 space*.  Remember that the turning ch-2  counts as a stitch and should be worked int0.  Ch 2 and turn.


3. This is how I used the colurs in the placemat
  • 5 rows of grey
  • 1 row of pink
  • 3 rows of grey
  • 1 row of pink
  • 53 rows of grey
  • 1 row of pink
  • 3 rows of grey
  • 1 row of pink
  • 5 rows of grey

4. Dont cut the yarn when you come to the end of the last row. Continue around the corner, doing 2 sc extra in that corner and then continue the moss/linen stitches all around your work (make 3 sc in the corners). Finish your work with a slip stich.

Cut the yarn and weave in the ends

And tadaa you have a complete Mosstitch placemat